Strategic Goals

CIXUG’s strategic goals are the following ones:

  1. Financial Resources Management and Working Capital Efficiency

    • Efficient management of financial resources.
    • Developments taking into account the principle of just one application for all the CIXUG’s members and with the chance of customizing small adaptations to the demands of each university.
  2. Standardized Processess

    • Applications to be designed after revising, negotiating and reaching an agreement on standardized processes related to the best practices among the universities which form the CIXUG.
  3. Applications

    • Applications that are developed with state-of-the-art technologies.
    • Applications that are designed to satisfy the functional needs of the users they are addressed to.
  4. Unified Information

    • Common data structures among the CIXUG’s members allowing the integration of inter university processes, as well as the ability to consolidate information among the members of the CIXUG in order to provide reports that are completely integrated to public administrations whenever required.
  5. Electronic Administration

    • Adding electronic administration to the strategic changes which will be undergone by the way of providing university services
  6. Public Administrations

    • Incorporating public administrations dealing with university activity to the electronic processes, products and services that are required by the users and/or suppliers of information of the CIXUG’s members.
  7. University Management Leadership

    • Reaching a leadership position regarding the development of IT applications to support university management throughout Spain, Europe and Latin America.
  8. Effectiveness and Efficiency

    • Fostering effectiveness and efficiency in university management by means of the design, development and evolution of technological tools.
  9. Business Integrated Management Platform

    • Developing an integrated university management platform dealing with the commonest scopes in university management:
      • Academic Management
      • Staff Management
      • Economic Management
      • Research Management
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