Nowadays, the Consortium is focusing its activity in the technical development of three projects which are especially relevant for its members:

  1. Xescampus (Academic Management Application):

    • Xescampus is the CIXUG's solution for universities academic management, under an integral conception of both the offer and the management.
    • It is a multilingual web application including security and audit. It shows an open approach in order to allow the adaptation to both legal changes and the different universities’ practices. Since its evolution is continuous and it starts from a modular concept, it also meets the adaptation to the EEES’s requirements. At the same time, it expects and incorporates the interaction with third parties (financial entities, Galician University Systems, ACSUG…)
    • Nowadays, Xescampus is already in use and it constitutes the academic management basis of the universities ofSantiago de Compostela, A Coruña and Vigo. It manages more than 300.000 academic records and 50.000 enrolments a year.
  2. SUXI (Unified System for Research Management):

    • The SUXI platform is a multilingual application that is based on a client-server architecture, which can be accessed to on the web. It has got JAVA programming language and it uses open code tools. It constitutes the three Galician universities’ bet in order to support the research processes they are carrying out; to delete the existing duplicity of information in the different systems that are used until its implementation; to ensure that information is shared among all the involved areas and people and to integrate research with the staff, economic and academic management systems of the three universities.
  3. Introducing electronic vote in University

    • In order to seek greater transparency, security, effectiveness and efficiency in the election processes in the different areas of applicability within university community (Department Councils, Faculty Committees, vice-chancellor election…), there is an electronic vote application, which is currently in process and it has been already used in the first Department Councils hold in the second term of 2010.
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